K6MF, K9EQ, K6DVD and WB6DAO operate EchoLink UHF (440- 450 Mhz) repeater nodes that are connected together 24/7, except for special operations.  All activity on one repeater will be heard by the remaining ones and any other connected stations.  


All All of the above are EchoLink nodes (except for K9EQ, which remains on IRLP).  The EchoLink nodes are running Raspberry PI ($35) computers and consume very low power (less than 6 watts), but are very versatile, thanks in part to the "TLB" software that K6MF custom configured for us.


NOTE on "Private Conference" status:

Please understand that we are not trying to eliminate any licensed hams BUT because of abuse by a few stations, bad language, conversations in languages other than English, unwanted cross links, random connects/disconnects, and other problems, the access to these nodes has been restricted to: "Private Conference"  If you wish to be added to the conference list, let us know.


For further information about IRLP, membership, use and EchoLink, click here.  Email can be sent to our qrz.com addresses.

Updated 1/2/15